Why Choose Meletis Homes as Your Home Builder?

Customer Satisfaction - At Meletis Custom Home Builders Melbourne – We have been building high quality custom homes for more than 55 years. But not only have we built homes, we have also built good relationships with our customers by making sure that we deliver what they want. We listen and take action. We delight in seeing families have a comfortable and safe place to go home to – a place that is uniquely their own.

Affordable Pricing Advantage

Over the years, we have also built good relationships with our suppliers. With our strong partnerships with them, we can easily find the custom color, style or quantities of materials that our clients’ homes need at fantastic rates. That is one of the reasons why we can offer our prospective clients a more reasonable pricing package than our competitors.

Green and Sustainable Living

Meletis Homes are committed to building greener, environmentally sustainable homes. Our new home builders make sure to comply with the latest environmental standards. Installing insulation, double glazing and energy efficient lighting and fittings makes the home climate more environmentally friendly. As a result, the home owner saves more money over time and helps save the planet as well.

Our Expertise

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Knock Down Rebuild

Knocking down an existing home and building from scratch is an increasingly popular option. Meletis Homes can help you integrate your specific living needs into a design that perfectly suits the existing site. We will consider your budget, the character of the street and surrounding houses as well as limitations and advantages of the site.

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Multi Dwelling

If you are considering a multi-unit dwelling on a site, Meletis Homes can not only provide you with the necessary architectural skills and building expertise, but also quickly and confidently navigate through the maze of permits, forms and council guideline requirements. Our understanding of town planning and local council expectations and criteria ensure there are no delays in finishing your project.

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New Custom Home

At Meletis Homes we focus on our clients' individual requirements, keeping in mind the need for design flexibility and changes to your family's lifestyle over time. From our understanding of good architecture and classic design, through to our dedication to providing an energy efficiency. We ensure your home will meet the highest standards.