Welcome to Meletis Homes, your trusted partner in building solutions to make your dream home a reality.

With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Meletis Homes is one of the most experienced and trusted custom home builders in Melbourne. Our primary goal is to help families build a home that is not just highly functional and stylish, but one that suits their personal needs and lifestyle. We work hand in hand with you, our customers, from the moment you start visualizing your dream space to the day you set foot in your new home.

Meletis Homes is known for high quality workmanship, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Our company has the most reliable professional home builders with advanced knowledge and skills in home design, planning and building construction. So, every home we design and build is of the highest quality and satisfies customer specifications and budget.

Our expert home builders in Melbourne specialize in building custom homes, knock down rebuilds and multi-dwelling units.

Custom Homes

Our portfolio of custom built homes is the proof of our commitment to bringing into reality the beautiful homes that our customers have been dreaming of for years.

Some people already know in their mind the kind of home they want right from the start. Others need more input and guidance in selecting the best design that will complement their house location and lifestyle. Either way, there’s no need to worry. Our highly skilled team of house builders possess the flexibility to cater to every client need.

On the initial consultation, an in-house project manager will be assigned to handle your account. He will work with you to help bring to life the design and special features you want in your new house.

Whatever design you choose, we will see to it that what you like is reflected in the design, color, space allocation and choice of materials used in your home. Your home can be customized to be as unique as you want it to be, whilst complying with the standards and requirements of the Australian building industry.

Planning the design is just the beginning. We will be on top of things through the entire design and construct process, right up until the finishing touches are applied to your new home. Rest assured, as the construction of your home progresses, we will consult with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Knock Down Rebuild

Over time, families may need a house upgrade because the family is growing in number or perhaps the house already has certain structural issues. The best option is to get a new home, but if you don’t want to move to a new location, your next option is to either renovate your house or knock down your property and rebuild.

Most house builders would recommend knock down rebuilds over home renovations, because the former is more cost effective and easier to complete. It gives the owner more control of the new house design, features and finishes.

Meletis Homes custom builders can help with every aspect of this kind of project. Through constant collaboration, we will take care of the custom design planning, acquiring of permits, as well as organising the demolition and construction of the new house on your behalf.

Multi Dwellings

Meletis Homes also has extensive experience in multi dwelling development. Our expert apartment and townhouse builders understand the best architectural design and construction requirements of these types of buildings.

When investing in multi dwelling properties, it is important to have expert architects who know how to maximize the use of space for the greatest return on your investment. It is also necessary to know about local town planning and council guidelines to ensure that the construction of the property will not be held-up at any point.

We can provide all these services for you at a very competitive price package. Included are the submission of required documents and securing of permits making the entire undertaking stress-free.

Why Choose Meletis Homes as Your Home Builder?

Customer Satisfaction - At Meletis Custom Home Builders Melbourne – We have been building high quality custom homes for more than 45 years. But not only have we built homes, we have also built good relationships with our customers by making sure that we deliver what they want. We listen and take action. We delight in seeing families have a comfortable and safe place to go home to – a place that is uniquely their own.

Affordable Pricing Advantage

Over the years, we have also built good relationships with our suppliers. With our strong partnerships with them, we can easily find the custom color, style or quantities of materials that our clients’ homes need at fantastic rates. That is one of the reasons why we can offer our prospective clients a more reasonable pricing package than our competitors.

Green and Sustainable Living

Meletis Homes are committed to building greener, environmentally sustainable homes. Our new home builders make sure to comply with the latest environmental standards. Installing insulation, double glazing and energy efficient lighting and fittings makes the home climate more environmentally friendly. As a result, the home owner saves more money over time and helps save the planet as well.